Our design team is committed to creating innovation and unique designs that will make your brand stand out. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries to create something truly special.


In clothing industry, patterns are considered as the core of any product and brand’s idea. Without a paper pattern, the sizing of garments can’t be accurate.  In this process, we make blueprints of brand’s custom garments on a cardboard paper and after its approval, we do pattern grading. Based on this blueprint the fabric is cut into pieces and from here real manufacturing process starts…


Fabrics are the basic block of garment.The quality of cloth is determined by the type of fabric used in it as all of us know there are dozens of fabric out there. Cotton, Cotton-blend, Polyester and nylon are some type of fabrics used in everyday clothing. Cotton fabric is bit expensive as compared to polyester fabric. ABACA always uses Top quality fabric in all kind of clothing items .


After the selection of fabric & pattern, the next step is cutting the fabric into small components. Tradtionally cutting is done manually, but many advanced machines can do the process as well with much more efficiency and accuracy. ABACA uses both manual as well as machine fabric cutting by spreading the fabric onto the large cutting table. Our expert cutting masters ensure the accurate and precise cutting of garments all the time.


The main purpose of customization is to produce attractive design on to the garments. At ABACA, we offer endless customization options for the garments which includes all kind of embroideries, printings and much more. Custom Zippers, Draw cord, Draw strings, Rubber patches, and rhinestones are also produced which adds premium look into your brand products.


Stitching is very important in garments manufacturing. it starts with a threads being lopped in a machine via intra-looping and interlacing and then already cut pieces of fabrics are stitched together to make their exact shape as a ready-to-wear garment. ABACA, is equipped with state of the art stitching machines with latest technologies in them to fulfill the needs of small &large scale bulk production.


The use of labels and tags is said to be fundamentals branding technique in today’s fashion industry as they give information about the materials, items used in the product and brand. A label and tags is something that catches the attention pf customers and helps in selling more effectively and efficiently. ABACA always provide the garments with the tags and labels also with the low MOQ orders .


We take quality seriously at ABACA. When the manufacturing process is completed we’ve another department of QC. All of our products are rigorously tested by highly experienced masters to ensure they meet our high standards.


The final garments which passed the QC. Are packed into the poly bags. The main purpose of packaging is to protect its content from external damage during the transportation or shipment. It protect the product from all kind of external factors like heat, humidity, or dust particles.


Every brand has concern how to import their products to the market, as garments are sensitive to humidity, so professional packaging suitable containers and vehicles must be used for shipping process. Choosing the right transportation company for the products eliminates all the risks associate with the safety of product. ABACA provide both by Air and by Sea shipments thorugh well known companies 1.DHL  2.FEDEX  3.UPS  4.DPD  5.PARCEL FORCE…